Sport Activities

The improvement of the quality of the living conditions of society by promoting an active lifestyle of the residents, improving sports infrastructure, modernizing and expanding the infrastructure of sports facilities, leisure facilities by systematically promoting the development of professional and amateur sport – all these aspects represent the priority area of activities of Elektrėnai Municipality.

The residents of Elektrėnai municipality appreciate sport as an attractive activity. Therefore, many of them are engaged in regular sporting. Sport helps develop a variety of values, such as team spirit, solidarity, tolerance and honesty, and contributes to personal development and self-expression. Sport promotes activism and citizenship of society.

Elektrėnai municipality aims to allocate sufficient funding for sport, to create additional and upgrade the existing sports infrastructure by paying special attention to the renovation of sports facilities of educational establishments, to make available indoor and outdoor sports facilities for all people, to promote private business, to invest in sports development in the municipality, to support athletes and teams who and which make Elektrėnai municipality known to the world.

There are about 30 sports clubs in the municipality, also an association that unites sports clubs, and a budgetary institution - a sports centre. In 2016, there were 11 sports halls in the municipality (3 of them with an area of more than 15x30 m), 11 basketball courts, 5 football fields, universal sports arena, sports complex, stadium, 50 m long swimming pool, ice rink, indoor shooting-range, volleyball court, handball court, tennis court, ski and roller-skating rink, BMX bike route, golf course, karting track and multi-purpose artificial pavement court. Cycle paths with a total length of 4.54 km were constructed throughout the municipality.

Based on the data of 2016, people engaged in sports attended pursuits of these Olympic sports in the municipality: kayaking and canoeing, sailing, figure skating, judo wrestling, football, basketball, ice hockey, athletics, swimming, handball, shooting and water polo. The total of 484 individuals attended sports pursuits in the sports centre. In 2016, Darius Kasparaitis’ Ice Hockey School was established in Elektrėnai. At the end of the year, it was attended by 103 students.

Sport and physical education are an important part of maintaining and developing children's wellness. Physical education classes, morning exercises, sports feasts, entertainment, mobile games, and other activities are organized at the educational establishments of Elektrėnai municipality.

At the end of 2016, Elektrėnai Municipality Council approved the 2017-2020 Elektrėnai municipality health and sports development strategy. The strategy provides an overview of the sports situation in the municipality, evaluates the sports infrastructure and bases, and identifies the main strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the municipality in the field of sport. The strategy foresees the development of 7 programs.

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